THEO Art School


Hello, I'm Tawnya Iglehart, an artist that fell in love with teaching. My journey started by completing a BFA degree in painting from North Dakota State University. Working with oil paints became by favored medium throughout the years because of how diverse the paint can be. Currently, I'm focusing on vibrant picturesque views of North Dakotan sunsets.

My career in education started by accident. I happened to move to Bismarck and stumbled upon Theo Art School. Through trials and tribulations, my enjoyment for teaching became my new love. After two and a half years of working at Theo Studios, I went back to college to earn my teaching degree at Minot State University. I am now employed at the Lewis and Clark Public School District- Berthold/North-Shore-Plaza.

Being an educator means so much to me. I witness student growth in self-expression through the visual arts. They explore varied mediums, some with which they are unfamiliar and that challenges each student.


Jamie came to Theo ten months ago as a diamond in the rough! with great recomendations, great artistic talent! and a character like no other! It does not take long to warm up to Jamie. Her solid work ethic, and the willingness to share her love for art is what makes her an asset for this little art school that could. Jamie teaches age groups 10 months to 100 years old. I hope that Jamie stays with Theo Art School for a long time. Her favorite art medium? Charcoal and Pencil! But Jamie can teach any medium! Don't let her height fool you! she is pure a explosion of ART! Her studies in the Visual Arts bring endless talent!

Her Matra? don't ever, ever stop learning! and Simmer! We will get it done!


Our newest Art Instructor! Tony is part of our Visiting Artists Series and a part time Art and Wine instructor! Tony art talent and his free spirit is what makes him so approachable! He is an artist that works in a lot of different mediums such as graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, ink, watercolor and mixing them to create original pieces of art. While he does lots of different subjects, he prefers to concentrate on figures. He is always looking for people willing to work with him to create new pieces of art. Thank you Tony for willing to share your talents with Theo Art School!


Becky is a jack of all trades! Her lovely personality , her caring and great artistic talents is what makes Becky a rare comodity! I can see why Shiloh Christian School wants to keep her forever. Becky is Shiloh's art teacher and she also holds a very important position within their management staff! But she always finds time for Theo! whether is assisting, teaching, managing, always giving us a hand wherever she can! Her talent to teach ART to all ages and also just because her spirit of giving; has given Theo the great opportunity to collaborate with other organizations in Bismarck!


Brenda Stubbs, an artist and educator, combines her years of classroom teaching and artistic skills to help students create wonderful works of art. Parents and kids both love Mrs. Stubbs!
Many generations have come through Theo's doors to learned from Mrs. Stubbs!

We just Celebrated Mrs. Stubbs 22 years of Teaching at Theo Art School!

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