THEO Art School


Theo Art School's Board of Directors and other local volunteers are excited about another opportunity to raise money for the development and preservation of Bismarck and Mandan's most treasured resource - its children.

In many communities, the comprehensive support and services at-risk children and families need to succeed are often not available, affordable, or accessible. These comprehensive services include opportunities to develop children's talents and interests in an effort to prevent problems.

Since 1992, Theo Art School has encouraged has promoted the arts as a way to help at-risk children develop as healthy, resourceful and involved citizens. In 2007, over 400 children used Theo Art School scholarships or took one of the many free classes offered. We have implemented over 100 in-studio and outreach classes at local schools, in addition to free classes at the Pride Manchester House, the Abused Adult Resource Center, Charles L. Hall Youth Services, and more. Theo also offers tuition-free scholarships through numerous city and state agencies for local youth.
Theo Art School's mission is two-fold; no-cost and low-cost programs. As a team, we work hard to keep tuition reasonable for families that can pay so they can afford art classes along with their other economic demands. Another 800 children, adults and their families took advantage of Theo's low tuition this past year. Unfortunately, tuition does not cover Theo's expenses for scholarships, free classes, operations and art supplies. We make up the difference with grants and funds we raise at our annual Palette of Gardens Walk.

You can sponsor:

An Art class
A field trip
An Art Exhibit
An Artist
Our Annual Garden Walk
Our Studios

Your support will play a major role in helping us make this event a successful venture to benefit our community. We hope you will join our team as a sponsor.

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