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Welcome to Theo Art School Homeschool Program!

Last session, we transitioned into bringing the History of Art, Technique and the Open Studios approach. As we are moving forward we are also bringing a curriculum base in a more practical approach as well. We need to go over the class times to see if this will work for everyone.

It is my goal to introduce students to different artists, cultures, and techniques, while building their confidence and encouraging their growth. I strive for a warm and inviting environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves and get to know each other.

Below you will find basic descriptions for each class. Project descriptions are based upon projects over a year's time. Projects will carry over from week to week in order to enable students to create detailed, in depth pieces. Classes are flexible to accommodate for siblings or ability level.

Grades K-5: Projects for this class will be either based upon a particular artist/culture, or a specific artistic technique. Students will learn a variety of art vocabulary, including the elements and principles of art, in depth color mixing, and perspective drawing. Projects will be more in depth and will usually take the entire session. Mediums that will be utilized include, but are not limited to, tempera paint, watercolors, oil pastel, chalk, papier-mâché, and colored pencil. All supplies are included for this class, and 1 makeup class is included for students that missed a class and still need to complete projects.

Grades 6-12: This class is centered on drawing for this session, although it varies session to session. The focus is on learning more advanced drawing techniques, mainly shading, and also the elements and principles of art. Due to the advanced abilities of the age level, I allow for more freedom in choice of medium. If there is a particular interest for your student please feel free to contact me and we can work on a plan! Various artists will also be introduced.


2:00-4:00 All grades

COST : $30.00 per month


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