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Bismarck Parks and Rec
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The vision of the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District is The leader and premier provider of public parks, programs, facilities and leisure services. Bismarck Parks and Recreation District offers activities for people of all ages, stages, and abilities. Please come out and enjoy our:

  • Programs: From basketball to golf to volleyball and soccer. Programs for both youth and adults and seniors abound. Plus, our 250 partner organizations offer even more - art, science, baseball, hockey, softball,figure skating, gymnastics, music and theater experiences.

  • Parks and Trails: You can see a majestic view of the Missouri River from Pioneer Park and Chief's Looking Village, or enjoy more than 75 miles of recreational trails. Picnic shelters, green space and playgrounds are a part of our park landscape.

  • Facilities: Enjoy our golf courses, our skating rinks, two fitness centers, an arts and science complex, outdoor pools, an aquatic center, camping grounds and an indoor golf/soccer dome.

Visit the Bismarck Parks & Recreation District website for more information.

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